The van racking system
for extreme demands

Sortimo HD

Sortimo HD is the Van Racking System for extreme demands. Thanks to the new composite technology, Sortimo HD withstands the greatest stresses. Designed in the dark Sortimo design, it is excellently suited for the heavy duty work routine.

Product Highlights

Extremely resilient

For the most part, Sortimo HD is made of composite. This is a fibre-reinforced material made of high quality fibres and resins. Today, these are used in the automobile industry if it comes to combining light weight construction and extreme strains.

Extremely impact-resistant and scratch-proof

Thanks to the composite material, Sortimo HD is extremely robust. The smooth surface facilitates even the highest of strains, and in addition, is impact-resistant and scratch-proof.

Absolutely dirt-proof

The Sortimo HD black design can easily cope with soiling, but can also be cleaned quite easily due to the smooth surface. In addition, the composite parts are extremely resistant against oil, fuel, and other chemicals.

A system with infinite possibilities

Thanks to an extensive range of accessories, Sortimo HD can be individualised for your needs.

Strong appearance - The van racking system

for everyone who wants it more extreme!

Shelf tray HD

  • Resilient up to 120kg
  • Divisible with aluminium dividers
  • No abrasion of powder or coatings due to the solid-coloured composite material
  • Dirt-proof, scratch-proof, and impact-resistant

Standard shelf HD

  • Resilient up to 120kg
  • No abrasion of powder or coatings due to the solid-coloured composite material
  • Suitable for complete programme of Sortimo BOXXes

Drawer HD

  • Resilient up to 90kg
  • Drawer made of high strength metal with the proven safety bolt locking
  • Extremely robust recessed grip
  • Easy unlocking even with working gloves
  • Drawer partitioning possible through inset boxes and divider sets

Aluminium drop-down front

  • Extremely robust drop-down front made of anodised aluminium
  • Horizontal locking facilitates simple putting down and inserting of payload

Long components tray HD

  • Possible across the entire loading length
  • Resilient up to 25kg
  • No abrasion of powder or coatings due to the solid-coloured composite material
  • Soil-proof, scratch-proof, and impact-resistant
  • Optional: noise reducing anti-slip mat

Mobile Assortment

  • Wide selection of different BOXXes
  • Integration of the BOXXes in to the in-vehicle equipment
  • Safe and proper transport of small parts and tools

Case tray

  • Resilient up to 25kg
  • Facilitates the safe storing of all Sortimo cases and BOXXes
  • Convenient full extension feature for quick access
  • Locks automatically when inserted
  • One-hand operation

Frame HD

  • The basis of the extremely robust basic structure of the Sortimo HD Van Racking System
  • The aluminium SpaceFrame facilitates a higher stability of the in-vehicle equipment
  • Dirt-proof, scratch-proof, and impact-resistant

Base plinth and lashing rail HD

  • Prevents the shifting of payload on the floor
  • Perfectly combined with the floor lashing rail ProSafe
  • Dirt-proof, scratch-proof, and impact-resistant


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