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SET WorkMo Förch 3

Ref. No.:  1000004079 | Match code: SET WO FÖRCH 3
  • Förch L-BOXX, i-BOXX and i-BOXX Rack with rawlplugs and 312 bits free of charge
  • WorkMo provides utmost flexibility for the transport of tools and small components
  • The WorkMo can be universally applied in the workshop, vehicle and on a construction site
  • Organisation on the spot - minimises search time
  • Förch L-BOXX and i-BOXX together with Rack incl. clearly structured colour coding system
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incl. £111.50 VAT (net £557.50), price per piece, plus shipping costs

Product details

In addition to our practical WorkMo Set Förch we will give you rawlplugs and bits in a practical L-BOXX System free of charge - an opportunity not to be missed!

The promotion set WorkMo Förch 3 consists of two modules from the mobile work system WorkMo across the width 3 (780 mm) and at a height of 500 mm and a free of charge Förch L-BOXX with rawlplugs as well as an i-BOXX together with 300 bits with a colour coding system and an i-BOXX Rack.

2 x WorkMo modules, width 3, height 500

This WorkMo module, across the width 3 is equipped with three drawers at a height of 8 (internal dimensions WxHxD: 660 x 123 x 314 mm). The drawers stow away objects, keep them concealed from view and are easily accessible due to its full extension. They can be flexibly subdivided with accessories such as inset boxes, small component trays or dividers and provide for even more clear arrangement and orderliness. Optional anti-rattle mat on the floor of the drawer prevents movement of the contents and absorbs noise.

The second WorkMo module is equipped with two drawers at a height of 6 (internal dimensions WxHxD: 418 x 89 x 314 mm). Additionally there is an open shelf with a drop-down front installed, in which larger objects or also the L-BOXX 136 can be stowed away.

Free of charge: Förch L-BOXX, i-BOXX and i-BOXX Rack

On top you will receive a Förch L-BOXX 136 with rawlplugs in Insetboxes so that you can find the correct materials quickly. Furthermore, there is an i-BOXX with an i-BOXX Rack included in the promotion package. The i-BOXX is equipped with 312 bits, which are in a colour coding system enabling quicker access to the correct material. In detail:

VARO iBOXX incl. 312 professional quality hard and tough bits with a colour coding system:

  • ¼ PH-Bits 25mm size 1,2,3; 5*
  • ¼ PZ-Bits 25mm size 1,2,3; 5*
  • ¼ Bits 25mm TX 10,15,20,25,30,40; 5*

VARO L-BOXX incl. universal rawlplugs:

  • Nylon-expansion rawlplug F6, F8, F10, F12
  • Wood/stone rawlplug B6H60, B8H80, B10H90
  • SK-nail rawlplug PZ 6x40, PZ 6x60
  • Drywall rawlplug
  • All-purpose rawlplug 6,8,10,12 mm
  • Universal rawlplug GX Premium 6, 8, 10,12mm
  • Aerated concrete-anchor 6, 8
  • ISO-spiral rawlplug 60

i-BOXX Rack

The WorkMo Module consists of weight optimised Aluminium and Plastic and they can be combined and coupled with each other. They can be very simply transformed into a mobile workstation at your workplace and enable you to work ergonomically anywhere you may be. The WorkMo also serves as a practical mobile workshop within your workshop, wherein tools and work utensils can be stored. The extensive accessories programme provides a multitude of possibilities for adapting the WorkMo to your individual requirements. The system is made mobile by the addition to the WorkMo of the roller board or roller adapter.

(pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
Maximum capacity in kg 100
Grid width 3
Grid depth 4
Weight 53.7 kg
Interior measurements (LxWxH) x x mm
Measurements (LxWxH) 396 x 780 x 994 mm
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