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L-BOXX 136 WK1 Inset box set K3

Ref. No.:  1000002554 | Match code: LB 136 WK1 K3
  • incl. Tool card 1
  • incl. Inset boxes set K3
  • Stackable due to innovative click system
  • can be integrated into the van racking system
  • sturdy and resilient
  • Colour
  • Weight
    3.6 kg
  • Measurements (LxWxH)
    442 x 357 x 151 mm
  • In stock
    Ready for dispatch
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Product details

Your small components can be transported in a safe and organised manner to every place of operation in our sturdy L-BOXX 136, as this L-BOXX 136 is equipped with the inset boxes set K3 (Inset boxes equipping: 2 x Inset boxes U3 grey incl. 3 dividers each U3, 2 x Inset boxes K3 grey incl., 1 x divider each K3). As the removal of individual inset boxes are possible it provides you with maximum flexibility in your day-today work. Individual inset boxes from the assortment can be put together for recurring tasks and when required removed from the L-BOXX and placed directly at the place of operation. The L-BOXX can be subdivided by means of an inset box set, which provides you with a good overview of your small components and consumables which are quickly at hand. It also enables a good overview of its contents at any time.

The inserted tool card in the cover complements the L-BOXX by adding further organisation solutions for your tools. The elastic rubber loops and pockets in the tool card provide optimum storage possibilities for tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and many more. The tools are always ready at hand and you can check if your tool set is complete at just a glance.

The high-quality and lightweight L-BOXX is manufactured from impact-resistant ABS-hard plastic, it protects the contents from spray-water, has two snap locks and its cover has a resilience of up to 85 kg, which means the L-BOXX can also be used as a step. The L-BOXX can be handled both flexibly and conveniently via the ergonomically formed handle in both cover and at the side. The click system is especially practical, with which any number of L-BOXXes can be connected to each other, in order to transport several L-BOXXes together. This saves you a lot of time and energy, as many short trips to and from the vehicle and place of operation are a thing of the past with the L-BOXX family. At your place of operation the L-BOXXes can be separated from each other again, just at the push of a button so that you can begin with your work immediately in a perfectly organised manner. This structured method of working will not only facilitate your workday, but also impress your customers.

The L-BOXX can of course be integrated into all Sortimo van racking systems, so that your tools and work materials are stowed away in an organised and secure manner during transit and are quickly at hand on arrival.

Also Partners such as BOSCH, Gedore, Förch and fischer use the Sortimo L-BOXX as an outer packaging for their machinery, tools and consumables, which of course have the same characteristics, such as for example the click system. As a result you benefit from a uniform and compatible mobility concept, which the L-BOXXes family provide.

(pictures are similar, decorative material not included)

Technical Details
Technical details
Maximum capacity in kg 12
Colour Grey-White
Material ABS
Weight 3.6 kg
Interior measurements (LxWxH) 378 x 311 x 99 mm
Measurements (LxWxH) 442 x 357 x 151 mm
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