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Discover WorkMo the mobile workstation ready for all circumstances

Even more mobile throughout your day-to-day work with the tool rucksack

Welcome to the Sortimo online-shop – your shop for all purposes!

Shopping at Sortimo – this means above all: ordering mobile solutions conveniently, simply and quickly from the market leader. Thus, your day to day work will become easier. Whether you would like to purchase a tool box, a power tool case for your car, van storage boxes or a mobile work bench: craftsmen and order loving do-it-yourselfers can find a wide selection in the Sortimo online-shop. Our high-grade products make your everyday work easier and ensure order in the workshop, on the building site and in the car as well as providing safety on the road. In the categories BOXXes & Cases, Mobile Workplace, Accessories und Load securing you will find everything you need for an efficient workday - – from van storage boxes to lashing straps. You can also explore our top deals and new products!

Van storage boxes: Buying BOXXes and cases online

The Sortimo BOXXes and cases range helps you to stow away your work material in an organised manner and to transport it safely. This saves you valuable time – because if you know where to find your work material at all times, every step will run smoothly. Furthermore, you will be able to always keep track of your stocks of small parts, consumables and tools. You will therefore know when new material needs to be ordered in time and will always be perfectly equipped.

Additionally, the Sortimo van storage boxes and cases make you extremely flexible and mobile around the clock. Thanks to the sturdy handles and the lightweight construction you can easily bring the BOXXes to your place of operation and always have everything you need at hand. And the best thing is: The BOXXes and cases are compatible with the Sortimo van racking solutions and the mobile WorkMo workstation. This means they are not only tidied up in the cargo area but also safely stowed away. This prevents the danger of parts sliding around or coming loose. You can therefore set off assured.

Buy our L-BOXX products: Tool case and small components case for a better overview

A tool box or a power tool case for your car is essential for the safe and gentle transport of valuable tools. Inset boxes, dividers and other variable elements make sure you can adjust the tool case online to precisely to meet your requirements. Thermal inserts, intermediate floors, cover plates, anti-slip mats and different kinds of tool cards in the cover represent further options to meet your individual requirements when buying a tool box or a power tool case. If you buy our L-BOXX and related products you will find exactly what you need.

Do you work with a lot of small components and are looking for a way to stow them in an organised way? Then a small components case in the form of a metal case would be a worthwhile investment. This handy storage solution offers you an adjustable number of compartments depending on your requirements. With the separately available Insetboxes you can modify the partitions in your small components case to optimally suit your work material. You can of course also order the small components case fully fitted with the requested Insetboxes. The insetboxes can be used if you buy boxes from our L-BOXX family, as well. Models like the variable HD case can for instance be complemented with a shoulder strap, which lets you carry your work material around with you at all times. If you are looking to buy a handy case, the Sortimo online shop is the right place to start. Here you can buy our L-BOXX, related product, metal cases and more.

Practical accessories for your van racking systems

You will find practical equipment for your van racking systems in Sortimo’s comprehensive accessories section. With the right accessories, you can arrange your van racking solutions and your WorkMo according to your wishes and personal requirements. You can for instance subdivide your shelves with dividers. This offers you an even more organised storage and an individual composition. The racking systems are compatible with our van storage boxes and make staying organized even easier.

Anti-slip mats ensure gentle transport of your material. The shelf trays are therefore protected from damage caused by shifting of material, noise generation is eliminated and your materials are safeguarded from damage during transport. Tools and work material which need to be quickly accessible can in addition be fixated directly to the aluminium side panel of the van racking system. This is done using practical hooks, holders and storage pockets, which you can also find in our accessories. Additionally, our van storage boxes are a valuable addition. A small expense which facilitates your work and saves a lot of time.

Safely stowed: Load securing and lashing straps for vans and cars from professionals

The load securing section offers you all you need to quickly and safely secure cargo in your vehicle. The intelligent Sortimo ProSafe system for load securing is also integrated into the van racking system. This way you can easily hook in. the ProSafe lashing straps, ProSafe load securing nets, lashing straps and other load securing elements into the uprights and cross beams of your van racking system.

Discover the mobile WorkMo workstation, the transport, organisation and work system. It consists of stackable functional modules, which can be combined with each other. It thereby merges three practical assistances into one system: transportation case, mobile workshop and mobile workbench – besides also being a great system for every do-it-yourselfer. The load securing system is ideal for vans, the separate modules can however also be used in the boot of your car. A personal utility or transport vehicle is therefore not required.

Do you use a car and want to have your work material or customer samples well-arranged? Then we can also offer you practical solutions for the passenger’s seat. With the Autoassistant and the Automanager for the passenger’s seat area you can combine safety and organisation. Thanks to this practical solution your documents are accessible at all times – and you can rest assure that they will be kept in place even when braking sharply. You can furthermore complement the Automanager with practical accessories like a trolley or a voltage transformer for your power supply.

Benefit from the comprehensive Sortimo product portfolio – online

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