6 Months on after opening Conversion Centre in Warrington

This new facility now offers a complete service for vehicle installations for all sizes of fleets, taking vehicles direct from the end of the production line through to delivering them road-ready to the end user if required. In the first 6 months over 600 vehicles were installed with Sortimo Racking, and the feedback from our customers has been very positive with the quality of the work and the way in which Sortimo makes it easier for the customer to have their vehicles organised and installed and then finally return to them. The service we now can offer is from Design to Delivery.

Most of our Fleet customers have now visited our new facility and seen it develop into what is now a very efficient and high quality centre of excellence for installation of Racking an accessories. It’s very important for us to encourage this and establish customer confidence.

The installation centre has secure storage for several hundred vans that will ease any of the logistical issues that usually arise when receiving vehicles from different sources.

Sortimo has made a serious investment and it’s important to emphasise that the new business is not only about Vehicle Racking systems, but also everything that may be required in, on or under a vehicle. Anything from graphics and phone kits to solar powered auxiliary equipment, seating, and glazing can be accommodated.

Vehicles that come here will be able to leave with everything the customer needs including PDI, registration and fuel.

Sortimo will now be able to provide a complete bespoke service for the larger businesses right across the UK, but smaller companies will also find a welcome here and we won’t be too big to deliver for them. After all, today’s start-up is tomorrow’s big success story.


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