40 years of Sortimo

Sortimo is celebrating its anniversary today; the market leader for van racking solutions has been very successful on the market for the past 40 years. On 17th July 1973 Herbert Dischinger founded the company on an ingenious yet simple idea: it was always a thorn in his side only being able to use small boxes and bags for packaging increasingly popular rawlplugs and screws, in his wholesaler business for fastening technology, in Augsburg. He created the insetboxes as a replacement for the paper boxes; these were manufactured from plastic in various sizes and made to fit perfectly into the metal case KM 321.
This marked the birth of his idea: “Sortimo – order with system”.
That is where the idea of a mobile workshop was first developed; the van racking solution. Herbert Dischinger was an inventor and pioneer most of his life. His excitement, precision and his spirit for innovation was passed on to the company, evidenced by the fact that his attributes still live on in the company today. Sortimo today is the market and technology leader in its branch.

Much has changed over the past 40 years of company history. Transport alone was the number one priority in the beginning. It was only later on that people thought about safety for people and goods in transit. At first the aim was to increase craftsmen and service technicians’ awareness of the benefits of the use of van racking solutions. The consciousness of safety and tidiness in the cargo area has changed for the positive, also thanks to legal requirements.  

In the meantime factors from the aviation and aerospace industries are even playing a role. After 40 years of history the focus of development is on material characteristics, lightweight construction and resource efficiency. But also alternative propulsion technology, electro mobility, cost-effectiveness and improved working ergonomics play an important role in the further development of intelligent mobility solutions. Sortimo takes on this challenge with great pleasure and will continue to come up with exciting new products over the upcoming years.


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