The S-BOXX is simple and practical – it is the centrepiece of every well-ordered, mobile workshop. The S stands for sliding box. What makes it unique is the transparent window on the front which enables view of the content.

The S-BOXX is made of stable and lightweight plastic and can be integrated into the Sortimo shelf system with a simple hand movement. Thanks to the guide rails the S-BOXX can be used as a small drawer, and when required can of course be removed.

The contents of the sliding boxes can additionally be partitioned with dividers.

The S-BOXX is resilient against oil, petrol and many chemicals and can be integrated in the Sortimo van racking systems Globelyst and simpleco.

Tip: We provide you with a printing template in particular for the labelling of our S-BOXX. This is available for download free of charge.

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