i-BOXX Rack


The clever i-BOXX Rack can be used as a shelving unit in a workshop as well as a mobile organisation unit. The Rack is an element in which i-BOXXes and LS-Drawers are integrated and can be stacked upon another as well as transported. Tools and materials can be exchanged quickly and orderly saving the craftsmen lots of time in the process.

Multiple i-BOXX Racks can be connected together to form a mobile shelf block. The i-BOXX Rack can be extended and combined almost without limit. The Racks can be stacked upon another as well as clicked together with the classic L-BOXXes and LS-BOXXes.

The i-BOXX Rack is available in two variations: with and without a connecting clamp. The i-BOXX Rack variation without a connecting clamp is especially suited for use as a closed shelf block which is not to be separated again. The Racks with a connecting clamp can be connected with other BOXXes or Racks can be detached at any time and combined in other ways as required.

The i-BOXX Rack is ideal for the integration in the in-vehicle equipment, can be clicked together with the L-BOXXes family and transported, and in addition is also perfectly suited for the workshop.

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