The new LS-BOXX

Sortimo's smallest in-vehicle equipment combines a machine case and a tool case and a small components case into one compact unit that can be integrated on the CarMo in your van or estate car. The LS-BOXX can be click-joined with all other boxes and accessory elements of the L-BOXX family.  
The LS-BOXX has a large compartment for the storage of electric machines such as a cordless drill, a drilling machine or a compass saw, etc. The front side of the box offers room for two removable i-BOXXes for small parts or an i-BOXX in combination with a drawer for tools. 
The i-BOXX is available in heights of 53 mm or 72 mm. It can be equipped with our reliable inset boxes for different materials. Thanks to its transparent lid, the contents of the i-BOXXes can be recognized immediately. i-BOXXes are easy to remove from the LS-BOXX. Thanks to the integrated handle, they are easy to carry. When re-inserting the
i-BOXXes in the LS-BOXX, the LS-BOXXes lock and can be transported securely without any further locking mechanism. In case you're using several LS-BOXXes, we're offering free computer labels for your i-BOXXes and the drawer.